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Tim McConnell

Real Estate Agent

An award-winning background in real estate and a wealth of experience working in government departments essential to the property market have provided Tim with a level of industry knowledge rarely achieved by agents.


Tim prides himself on his diligence, professionalism and service excellence. He has lived in Brisbane for over 40 years and gained an in depth understanding of the local residential scene since joining the real estate market in 2013.


Now combining his experience as an agent, his ethical approach and articulate communication skills, Tim ensures clients are provided with a trustworthy and transparent service. Many often commend his competence, reliability and above all his commitment to maintaining complete integrity in all his work. Tim has a keen personal interest in the real estate market and has both a personal and professional understanding of the investment process his clients experience, having bought and restored an Art Deco property 20 years ago that he is now renovating again. With this in mind, Tim guarantees his treatment of each client's investment as if it were his own.


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